Early October

The Bluesland Embassy

Rehearse - Relax - Record

High in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania is an exceptional retreat where performing artists polish up their act and relax with friends and family. Its location is a secret, and it is available only by invitation.

The Embassy is a short walk from one of the premier hotel resorts in the region and just a few minutes drive to the casinos, ski slopes, shopping malls, golf courses, and waterparks.

The Bluesland Embassy's rehearsal space features a Yamaha electric grand piano and a Roland TD-30K digital drum kit. In addition, guests are welcome to use the 18-track analog mixing board, stage monitors, microphones/stands, analog and digital recording devides, as well as other instruments and sound gear. There is also a video system for live Internet broadcasting.

The Embassy can comfortably accommodate six overnight guests. Meals, adult beverages, and staff are included.

Parties at The Bluesland Embassy can be especially memorable events. The staff will be pleased to prepare and serve groups of up to fifty. .